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The excellent work of Metál Hungária Holding Zrt.’s well-trained and experienced personnel greatly contributes to the company’s high-quality services .
Our employees’ strongest drive are their commitment , a sense of responsibility , the team spirit and their persistence in hard work. As a reward of work filled with challenges the company provides continuous professional training to assist employees’ improvement , as well as regular professional consulting sessions for co-operating partners in the fields of manufacturing and assembly of steel structures , as well as roof covering and facade cladding .

If you have any questions or comments regarding Metál Hungária Holding Zrt.’s activities, please contact us!

Past, present, future

Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. has had a significant market share for many years in the fields of the construction of light-structure halls , roof covering , facade cladding , design manufacturing and assembly of steel structures, as well as the key-turn supply and construction of complete facade cladding systems.

Our company was established in 1995 with its registered office in Szombathely. In the period after its establishment, Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. was exclusively involved in roof covering and facade cladding works. Starting in 1998, the company has been continuously extending its scope of activities within the sector. The two founding members started the work with 12 employees. Today, the company employs a total headcount of 143.

The company’s customers range from small hungarian companies to the largest multinational conglomerates.
By the construction of industrial, logistic and commercial centres, Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. assisted the settlement of reputable multinational companies in Hungary , such as Audi, Bosch, Hankook, Auchan and Spar.

As a result of its uninterrupted development after its establishedment, the company’s net annual turnover was continuously and dynamically increasing to reach nearly HUF 21 billion in 1997.
The company’s shares are owned at an equal rate by the hungarian CEO József Kreinbacher and the Austrian Josef Unger. The company opened its Budapest office in 1996 to make it its new registered office.

The company has continuously been extending its international business relations as well, which enabled it to implement a number of projects, for instance in Bulgaria, Rumania, Russia and Italy.

In the future, Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. intends to assume a significant role in the market of the European Union as well.
The international presence made the company to implement the ISO 9001 quality management system in 2000, which provides a further guarantee for Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. providing its services on an excellent level.

The company is aiming at fulfilling customers‘ needs with a professional knowledge of the highest standard continuous technological improvement in excellent quality and a fast and flexible manner, within the framework of profitable operation.