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While implementing development projects all over the country, Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. is aware of the fact that its construction activities and the scale thereof puts a certain level of responsibility upon the company.

The company feels responsible to create high-quality jobs by the construction of these industrial, logistic and commercial facilities.
Our company considers sponsoring and assisting, as much as possible, local initiatives as highly important. To this end, Metál Hungária Holding Zrt.makes every effort to participate in the implementation of local events and functions playing a significant role in the life of individual settlements.

In the past years Metál Hungária Holding Zrt. sponsored a number of events, excellent sportspeople and artists. Without aiming at completeness, let us present some of these below:


  • B.K.L. Publishing and Advertising Ltd. -book titled
  • Sándor Baráth's TV series titled "Pincemester"on wine gastronomy
  • Savaria Historical Carnival Public Foundation
  • LOGO Youth Service - "éV Adnyitó LOGOzás" - Szombathely
  • Improvisative Music Workshop Public Association - Lamantin Jazz Festival and Improvisation Camp
  • Gábor Kovács Art Foundation - KOGART Contemporary Art Collection
  • Somló Spring Association
  • Bartók Plusz Miskolci Opera Festival 2014